Corporate and education partners

Children's Books on Tape, Inc. has partnered with Teach for America since 2010. Teach for America Corps Members in Miami, Florida utilize Children's Books on Tape Listening Libraries in their classrooms for auditory and visual English reinforcement.
"Our teachers and schools in Miami are ECSTATIC about the opportunity to work with Children's Books on Tape."
--Andrew Navratil, Director of Teaching, Teach For America Miami
In 2005, Children's Books on Tape, Inc. established a partnership with the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Today, all pre-service teachers in the College of Education each record a book on tape as a graded course requirement for this Program. This experience gives pre-service teachers practice in learning how to engage children in reading thorough effective reading exercises. Annually, the College of Education completes over 500 recorded books on tape, allowing Children's Books on Tape to donate an additional 10 Listening Libraries to Elementary School classrooms each year.
“Prospective teachers at FAU love participating in this program! They learn the critically important skill of reading aloud and know that the tapes that they create will inspire kids and their families to love books and reading!”
--Dr. Deborah Lee Harris, Professor, Florida Atlantic University?
Children's Books on Tape, Inc. has partnered with Wells Fargo Bank since 2004. Wells Fargo Bank has generously donated money and hundreds of brand new elementary school level books to Children's Books on Tape Inc., through the "Reading First" initiative launched by the bank in 1999.
“Congratulations to you on such a fine community initiative. Your project directly engages young students who are often overlooked.”
--Elizabeth Arevalo, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank
Children's Books on Tape, Inc. has partnered with the Kantner Foundation since 2000. The Kantner Foundation has generously provided continued financial support that has allowed for the purchase of necessary supplies to deliver completed "Listening Libraries" to Elementary Schools. Some of these supplies include: new children’s books, blank recording tapes, tote bags, tape recorders, classroom display spinner racks and library storage bags.
“Children's Books on Tape Listening Libraries are invaluable to elementary school students’ improvement in literacy and reading comprehension. We are proud to be a part such an important initiative in the development of a lifelong skill in the next generation.”
--Richard Jarchow, Board Member, the Kantner Foundation
Since 2005, Office Depot has donated tape recorders and tapes to Children's Books on Tape, Inc. that have helped to make "Listening Library" donations possible in Title 1 Elementary Schools throughout South Florida.
In 2004, Samuel B. Silverman, received the Dwight Allison Fellows Award Presented by the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties in recognition of the local impact of Children's Books on Tape, Inc. He was awarded with a $5,000 unrestricted grant award from the Community Foundation that he used as seed money to fuel the growth of Children's Books on Tape, Inc.