Testimonials from school teachers and principals

"The children were thrilled, particularly by the vast selection of popular book titles. They could hardly compose themselves, anxious to borrow the materials and the tape recorders to share at home with their families!"

Kathleen Lembo, 2nd Grade Teacher, Worthington Hooker Elementary School, New Haven, Connecticut

"The books on tape not only help develop essential literary skills in vocabulary fluencey and comprehension, but truly foster a love of reading!"

Jennifer Martinez, Reading Coach, Dwight D. Eisenhoweer Elementary School, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"The Children's Books on Tape Listening Libraries are a great addition to our second grade classrooms and will help build a love for reading among our students!"

Tangela D. Goa, Principal, Van E. Blanton Elementary School,

"Children’s Books on Tape is like having a storyteller go home with kids!"

Loreen Francescani, Principal, Warfield Elementary School,

"Reading test scores are up! To witness the joy of reading was a delight!"

Joanne Dickinson, 2nd Grade Teacher, Port Salerno School​, Port Salerno, Florida

"Liberty Park would love to have one of your Listening Libraries in every K-3 classroom next year!"

Roberta Galler, 1st Grade Teacher, Liberty Park Elementary School​, Boca Raton, Florida